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God Wants to Be Your Security

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Several years ago, police pulled the body of a suicide victim out of the North River in New York. The dead man was a graphic artist, linguist, and musician. He was 57 years old when he jumped to his death.

After he had graduated from a German university, he moved to Puerto Rico to seek his fortune. He was quite successful in business and sent letters home telling his friends and family about the printing business he had started and that was now booming. As his business grew, he eventually met a beautiful young woman. They fell in love and were married. Life seemed perfect.

They lived in a beautiful country with a warm climate. They owned a majestic home, and his business was extremely successful.

Eight years after they had married, however, the woman died. The man was heartbroken. His zest for life vanished. He became careless with his business and didn’t seem to care about friendships or success any longer. His business eventually folded, and he lost much of his fortune.

Two years later he moved to New York and was encouraged by a friend to teach languages. He spoke fluent German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Though he would have been an excellent professor, he simply didn’t have the desire to keep going. Finally, with no money and without hope, he filled his pockets full of stones and leaped into the North River.

His heart had been anchored in his love for his wife. When she died, he had no hope. He lacked the security, hope, and meaning he could have found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If he had been anchored in Christ, he could have gone on without his wife. Yes, he would have still grieved, but God would have brought him through the grieving process and cared for his needs.

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